If you have extra fruit on your trees and want to share that bounty with those in need, please let us know.

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Here is what we do for you:

  • Spend 2-3 hours picking your ripe fruit
  • Fill bins for local food banks
  • Give you a receipt for a tax credit

Things to know

  • You are covered from liability by the Good Samaritan Act
  • We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit (#47-228-9712)


  1. Can you explain how the tax deduction works?

    The homeowner is provided a receipt at the end of the glean that may be used for a tax deduction.

  2. Is there a minimum volume that you require?

    Presently, we require a minimum of an 800-pound harvest. This is roughly equivalent to 10 fruit trees that are ¾ full of fruit. This minimum may change in the future, as we continue to advance our resources and operations.

  3. Describe a typical day when volunteers come to glean?

    The CropSwap pick boss will schedule the glean with the grower, usually a Saturday or Sunday. The bins (for the fruit) are delivered the day before the glean, and picked up the following Monday.

    Volunteers meet at the predesignated property (usually a private orchard) at 9am. After a short orientation, they will set out to picking fruit, filling up the bins provided. Picks usually last between 2 and 3 hours.

  4. Do you carry insurance?

    Yes. We have both Accident and Liability Insurance. In addition, homeowners are covered by the Good Samaritan Act, a Federal law that protects from liability those who donate food in good faith.

  5. I only have a few trees with have excess fruit. Can I still participate as a grower?

    If we cannot offer a full gleaning event for you, we can provide resources for you to donate your extra fruit.

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