Our Programs

ProduceGood has three thriving programs with many opportunities throughout the county for volunteers and volunteer leaders to participate in conservation and hunger-driven produce rescue activities. Regardless of the activities you participate in, you are recovering or supporting the recovery of fresh produce to divert it from landfill and provide it to our “charitable fresh-only food supply network” to serve food-insecure children, families, seniors, veterans, and homeless individuals in San Diego. We would love to have you get involved in any of our programs where your time will serve the environment and those in need. Our success is due to the many growers and farmers, donors, and volunteers and volunteer groups that work with us to achieve our mission, and we hope you will join us at one of these levels.

Although we think of San Diego for its year-round agricultural abundance, our programs respond to nature’s available bounty so many of our volunteer opportunities are seasonal. Market Share runs January-December, CropSwap Backyard Harvesting runs January-August with a few picks between October and December, and CropSwap Farm Harvesting is active weekly during summer and fall, with monthly events in winter and spring.Here is a breakdown of our programs: