Program CropSwap

Our CropSwap citrus and vegetable gleaning program began in 2010 as a grassroots backyard citrus and avocado harvesting initiative driven by one of our founders, Nita Kurmins Gilson, before ProduceGood was incorporated as a nonprofit. CropSwap is still the most active of our programs, representing over 50% of the fresh produce we rescue each year, and today there are four different types of CropSwap programs, which offer opportunities for volunteers, growers and farmers, and organizations to participate.

  1. CropSwap is our program name for different types of backyard harvesting.
    Big Pick takes place most Saturday mornings January-August in the private orchards of North County residents. Approximately 20 volunteers of all ages and abilities are welcome and it is common when you participate to work beside children, older youths, adults with a baby in a carry-pack, active duty military, college students, workers of all ages and retired individuals. Each Big Pick is a minimum of 800 pounds–often much more. A major distribution agency, such as the San Diego Food Bank or Feeding San Diego, transports the bounty to their food pantries or feeding agencies located throughout the County.Quick Pick debuted recently as a weekday pick opportunity for one or two volunteers to pick from one or two trees on a smaller residential property between the months of January and August. The bounty, which averages between 100 and 200 pounds, is transported by the ProduceGood lead or a volunteer directly to a local food pantry or feeding agency. It’s an amazing opportunity to see our cycle from field to table.

    First Pick is the opportunity for the company you work for or the organization you support to glean together as a group. You choose the day, time and geographic area that works and we create a fulfilling team-building experience for you. It is a great way to have fun while commiting to a socially responsible act. Donations from your organization to ProduceGood are suggested but not required. Corporations, restaurants, churches, clubs and service organizations are examples of groups that have participated thus far. Request a First Pick flyer to give you more information.

  2. Bumper Crop Small Farm Harvesting is where a small group of adult volunteers harvests seasonal produce on a local small farm in San Diego. Volunteers work closely with the farm staff to learn how to properly pick, handle and prepare produce for various distributions. We currently operate this program at the nonprofit, organic Coastal Roots Farm in Encinitas, and all of the crops picked are donated to food-insecure populations within the county. Check our calendar today and find a day and time to meet us on the farm to serve the environment and those in need.