Frequently Asked Questions

Our Programs

  1. How can I learn more about your programs?
    We invite you to contact us at
    (760) 492-3467,, or visit our contact page.
  2. Do you have a newsletter or blog?
    To stay updated on our efforts in the community, please follow us on social media Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Twitter and check out our In The Media page.
    ProduceGood newsletters are distributed by email registered users. To receive our newsletter, please enter your information here or sign up as a volunteer.


  1. What happens to the food that is gleaned?

    Gleaned fruits and vegetables are donated through our Sustainable Produce Provision Network (SPPN) of 30+ local feeding agencies to immediately assist San Diego’s food insecure.

  2. If I wish to start a gleaning program in my own community, how can I get started?

    Come on a pick with us and see how you like it and how it works. We will have an instructional packet for starting your own neighborhood group.


  1. Are my donations and contact information secure?

    We utilize the highest level of security through SSL data encryption to keep all your constituent and donation information safe.

  2. Can I make recurring donations?

    Yes, once you create a donation account, you can set up and manage recurring donations.


  1. Can I sign up to volunteer and decide to participate in specific events later?

    Yes. Once you sign up as a volunteer, you will receive updates for our upcoming events. With your volunteer sign-in account, you can register yourself for whichever events best suit your time and availability.

  2. What do I bring to a gleaning?

    Mostly your enthusiasm and generous heart. ProduceGood will supply tools and instructions after you register for an event.

  3. What should I wear to a gleaning?

    Comfortable shoes, a hat, and sunscreen. Additional details will be provided on an event-by-event basis.

  4. How long are the gleaning sessions?

    Typical sessions are 2-3 hours. We will do our best to start on time so we can make the most of your time and energy.

  5. What if I have a physical disability, can I still volunteer?

    Gleaning is physical labor on uncertain terrain in varying weather and locations. Most of our pick locations are not equipped for those with disabilities or mobility issues. If you have questions regarding accessibility at our gleaning locations, please refer to our staff point of contact for the event. We greatly appreciate your interest in our organization and we encourage you to help by volunteering in other ways. Please contact us to find out more.

  6. Can my employer or community organization volunteer as a group?

    If you are looking for a corporate sustainability activity or volunteer opportunity for your organization, check out our First Pick team building activity with a big impact. Please contact us directly for more information on registering a group.

  7. What if I am unable to attend an event I signed up for?

    No problem. You can update your event registration form within our web friendly volunteer database. Convenient links will be embedded within reminder emails, as well.


  1. Can you explain how the tax deduction works?

    The homeowner is provided a receipt at the end of the glean that may be used for a tax deduction.

  2. Is there a minimum volume that you require?

    Presently, we require a minimum of a 250-pound harvest. This is roughly equivalent to 3 fruit trees that are ¾ full of fruit. This minimum may change in the future, as we continue to advance our resources and operations.

  3. Describe a typical day when volunteers come to glean?

    Volunteers meet at the predesignated property (usually a private orchard) at 9am. The CropSwap Pick Boss will bring the equipment, communicate with the grower, and lead the volunteers. After a short orientation, everyone will set out to pick fruit, filling up the bags or bins provided. Picks usually last between 2 and 3 hours. . Typically, the fruit is immediately transported for donation through our Sustainable Produce Provision Network (SPPN) of 30+ local feeding agencies to immediately assist San Diego’s food insecure. For larger picks, the bins (for the fruit) are delivered the day before the glean, and picked up on a later day.

  4. Do you carry insurance?

    Yes. We have both Accident and Liability Insurance. In addition, homeowners are covered by the Good Samaritan Act, a Federal law that protects from liability those who donate food in good faith.

  5. I only have a few trees with have excess fruit. Can I still participate as a grower?

    If we cannot offer a full gleaning event for you, we can provide resources for you to donate your extra fruit. Please complete the registration form on our Growers page, and indicate that you would like to pick your own fruit.