Market Share

Program Market Share
Market Share is our Farmers Market food recovery program, with operations at three Sunday Farmers Markets, each week. Market Share is an incredible community platform to see food-rescue in action at Hillcrest, Solana Beach and Leucadia markets. There are many ways to get involved.

Farmers Market Produce Recovery: Puts you front and center at market to collect unsold produce and ensure its delivery to one of our CFPPN agencies to serve their at-risk and low income clients. Please check our calendar to see which Farmers Markets can work for you. Most shifts are three hours long in the mid to late afternoon. These volunteer slots are for adults only and they go fast, so don’t wait to sign up.

How it Works: Generous farmers who are vendors at a farmers market have previously agreed to give ProduceGood their whole, unsold produce at the conclusion of the market. They are not required to donate at every market, and sometimes they have none unsold, or choose to take their produce back to their farm for other purposes, but farmers are increasingly seeing the results of the giving and are excited about the idea of feeding people with their unsold vegetables and fruit.

As a volunteer, you approach the designated vendors who are expecting you, leave the number of bins they think they will need for that day, and at the end of the market help collect the filled bins. At our staging area you join others to weigh each bin and account for which farmer/vendor donated it. At the end of the year, each will receive a receipt indicating the total number of pounds donated. Interested in becoming a Market Boss? Read more.

The second part of this program that volunteers enjoy associating with are the non-profit agencies with whom ProduceGood has previously contracted to give a specified number of pounds of veggies and fruit from the market. There are many wonderful organizations that either cook for or with their at-risk population or distribute food to be taken home, and ProduceGood is always looking for giving organizations who can receive this beautiful, healthy bounty to give away. Please let us know if you have a favorite nonprofit that is in need of food.