About Us

In 2014 Nita Kurmins Gilson, Alexandra White and Jerilyn White sprouted ProduceGood from the grassroots of CropSwap (lovingly nurtured by Nita since 2009). Today CropSwap is ProduceGood’s Flagship program, contributing 60% of our annual servings to San Diego County’s charitable food supply. With the addition of Market Share, our farmers market produce recovery program, we are making the upcycling of edible organics a reality in San Diego. Our small team of staff and organizational volunteers, alongside a powerhouse of community volunteers, growers, partners and supporters, make it happen 52 weeks a year.


It takes a green village and our community orchard of volunteers and partners to enable our mission.


Build an active and engaged community committed to finding sustainable solutions to alleviate hunger,reclaim and repurpose waste and promote the health and well-being of all.


  • Reciprocity and trust – Embrace and exemplify the concept of mutual dependence, including but not limited to the exchange or giving of human capital such as time, skills, goods, services and experience.
  • Respect and inclusion – Seek to identify and mobilize the strengths and capabilities of diverse members of the community to ensure that everyone has a means to give and that valuable resources are consumed.
  • Collaboration and innovation – Partner with people and organizations to drive change through mutually beneficial actions and a desire for continuous community and organizational improvements.
  • Sustainability & passion – Evolve as necessary for return on investment and continuity of mission with a demonstrated focus on activities to promote community well-being.


Leverage innovative community practice and partner with like-minded individuals and entities to build a countywide system to recover and upcycle edible organics to reduce waste and hunger.