Feeding Partners

ProduceGood partners with San Diego County organizations who provide healthy food at no cost to food-insecure families and individuals. We have a variety of opportunities for hunger relief organizations to become involved with us!

New Feeding Partner Registration

Happy Harvest

Organizations register in our system and ProduceGood provides produce as it becomes available through our weekly food recovery activities, often from the very community where your organization is located. This is a sweet way to begin our partnership and receive fresh produce (mostly citrus) on an occasional basis.

Monthly Bounty Partnership – $54

Is a consistent feeding schedule important to your organization? Sign up to be a Monthly Bounty Partner and receive a minimum of 400lbs up to 1000lbs or more of fresh citrus/fruit delivered right to the doorstep of your organization at least once per month. The $54.00 service fee goes toward harvest & handling and delivery of produce.

Community Works

This program gives partner hunger relief organizations an opportunity who have a mission to get their own volunteers involved to supply their own pantry or feeding program! At least one of your superstar volunteers becomes trained and equipped as a PG Pick Boss. Pick Bosses are responsible for leading volunteer crews out in groves a minimum of one time per month. The fruit is gleaned for your organization by your organization (we supply additional PG volunteers as required).

Bumper Crop

Sometimes farmers call us with an excess of freshly picked fruits and vegetables that need to be diverted within a couple of days. If your organization has a van or truck that can accommodate a short notice pick up, please let us know and we will put you on our priority short notice list. Please also inform us if your organization is available to accommodate short notice Bumper Crop drops delivered by PG outside normally scheduled times.

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